• No fixed costs

    Unfrosen is FREE to join. We only charge a 10% fee on orders placed for your excess inventory. We only make money when you unfreeze capital.

  • Lightning fast liquidity

    We pay you upfront and handle all payment terms requested by buyers. No risks for you.

  • Zero-hassle transportation

    With Unfrosen you can choose to ship the goods with your one carrier or we pick it up from you with one of our partners. We will contribute to your shipping costs.


Get access to a B2B network of trusted buyers

Create a profile, upload your stock, set your own rules and welcome buyers to browse your stock in real time.

Our buyers are:

Physical boutiques

Outlet stores

E-commerce stores


Off-price retailers

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  • 1. Schedule a 15 min discovery call

    Meet your account manager and help us understand your needs & find the right mix of buyers for your stock.

  • 2. Upload your stock

    We handle everything, from listing your stock to securing orders. Provide us with the necessary information and we'll set you up as a seller.

  • 3. Set requirements for buyers

    Decide which buyers access your stock.

    • excluded countries
    • minimum order quantity
    • buyer type
  • 4. Accept orders & pack the goods

    Accept orders as they come. Full transparency on buyer profiles. We handle shipping for you so there's no hassle.


Protecting your brand lies at our core

We understand how important it is to control where your merchandise is being sold. Find your preferred B2B stock buyer in areas that will never damage your brand image.

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Customers trust us



How do I know where my stocks will be sold?

You control the final distribution of the products by choosing which buyers access your stock and accepting orders only when you feel it's safe for your brand image.

What is the average pricing?

Our buyer's sweet spot is between 70-90% discount from RRP.

What is your commission?

We charge a 10% flat rate for every transaction that happened on Unfrosen. We fully cover transportation, occasional returns from buyers and all logistic hassle.

What other brands sell on the platform?

We work with all types of fashion brands and for all budget types. At the same time we can have Luxury Sellers and Mass-market sellers that target different buyer categories.

When do I get paid?

We pay upfront for most orders. However, big buyers may request special payment terms if they plan to order a large amount of items.

What markets are you covering?

We expand across all European countries with an increased number of buyers from Eastern & Southern Europe.

How long will it take for my brand to be approved and listed on the platform?

After discussing with your assigned account manager it takes up to 7-10 days to be live on the platform.

How do you manage inventory?

We run our own warehouse operations just for quality check and distributing orders. We pick up the stock directly from your warehouse on an order basis.

Ready to unfreeze capital?

Join our platform with no risks and fixed costs and sell your inventory to a trusted network of buyers of your own choosing.