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  • Access Premium Inventory

    All the products sold on our platform are new and of great quality. Get premium inventory at low prices.

  • Access Relevant Data

    Every vendor will provide the rich data for your buying team to make an informed decision.

  • 14 Day Return policy

    UNFROSEN will guarantee every transaction. If the items arrived are not as expected, return them with no questions asked.

  • Unfreeze capital

    No more blocked capital in excess inventory. We help you to gain the highest return on assets, fast.

  • Sell discreetly & protect your brand

    Gain full control over the final destination of your inventory.You're always in charge.

  • Logistics on us

    We will handle shipping for you. Just prepare the goods to be shipped once you accept an offer.


Protecting your brand lies at our core

We understand how important it is to control where your merchandise is being sold. Find your preferred B2B stock buyer in areas that will never damage your brand image.

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